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Can You Make Grits In A Rice Cooker


I’m a big fan of grits and have been making them for years. I recently discovered that you can make grits in a rice cooker, which opens up some exciting possibilities! Not only does it save time, but the convenience makes it an ideal option if you’re short on kitchen equipment or space.

In this article, I’ll explain how to make delicious grits with your rice cooker so you can enjoy them any day of the week. I recommend starting by gathering all your ingredients before you start cooking – this will help keep everything organized as you go along.

Grits are super versatile and there’s no right or wrong way to make them, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors and add-ins. With just a few simple steps, you too can master the art of making perfect grits in your rice cooker every single time.

So let’s get started!

Gathering Your Ingredients

Making grits in a rice cooker is definitely possible! All you need are the right supplies, and it’s really easy to do.

I always start by storing my supplies correctly so that nothing goes bad or gets lost. For making grits, this means having some coarsely ground cornmeal, salt for seasoning, butter or margarine if desired, and water on hand. You’ll also need measuring cups and spoons so that you can measure out the correct amounts of each ingredient – usually 1 cup of cornmeal per 4 cups of boiling water.

Once all your ingredients are gathered together, the next step is actually putting everything into the rice cooker. Be sure to use enough liquid with your cornmeal; otherwise, it will be too thick. In general, use 4 cups of boiling water per every cup of dry cornmeal.

Once you’ve added everything to the pot, turn on your rice cooker and set it to cook just like you would with any other type of grain. The cooking time should take about 15 minutes depending on how hot your machine runs; just make sure not to overcook it!

When ready, give it a taste test before serving up your delicious grits! Add more salt or butter as needed for flavor and texture preferences – then enjoy!

Prepping Your Rice Cooker

I always start by cleaning my rice cooker before I use it. It’s important to make sure that there’s no residue from previous batches.

Then I measure out my ingredients, making sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Once I’m done, I’m ready to get cooking!

Cleaning The Rice Cooker

It’s time to get cooking with your rice cooker!

Before you start, though, it’s important to make sure that the device is properly prepped.

Cleaning the rice cooker is one of the most essential and easy steps.

I like to use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the outside of my appliance before using it.

Then, I store all utensils in the drawers below so they’re always easily accessible when I’m ready to cook.

Make sure there are no crumbs left behind either – those can burn during cooking and ruin your grits!

With these few simple tips, you’ll be on your way to perfect grits every time.

Measuring The Ingredients

Now that you have prepped your rice cooker, it’s time to measure out the ingredients. This is a vital step in creating perfectly cooked grits every time – get this wrong and you’ll be left with mushy or crunchy results!

Depending on how much you want to make, portion sizes will vary. For example, if I’m making enough for two people, I usually use one cup of dry grits and then mix it with two cups of water. You can also adjust the ratio of water to grain depending on how thick or thin you like your finished product.

No matter what recipe you are making, just remember that accuracy matters here! As long as you stick to the recommended measurements, success should follow.

Cooking The Grits

Now that your rice cooker is ready to go, it’s time to make some delicious grits!

First off, you’ll want to figure out the right water ratio for cooking. It’s generally recommended that you use about three parts of liquid (water or broth) for every one part of grits.

Secondly, you’ll need to select the type of corn used in your grits. There are several varieties available today such as stone-ground white and yellow grits, regular quick-cooking grits, hominy grits, etc. So make sure to pick the type that suits your taste best.

Lastly, once everything is set up according to your preferences and instructions (if any), simply put all the ingredients into the machine and let it do its job!

Your freshly cooked bowl of perfectly creamy grits will be ready before you know it!

Adding Flavor And Texture

I love adding flavor and texture to my grits!

I usually start with spices like onion, garlic, and bacon, and then I add herbs and cheese for more flavor.

I also like to add stock, milk, butter, and sour cream for a creamy texture.

To spice it up, I’ll sometimes add shrimp, sausage, vegetables, cream cheese, and more!


I’m a huge fan of grits! They’re such a flavorful and versatile dish, making them an easy go-to when I need to whip up something tasty for dinner.

Storing the right type of grits is key; you can find stone ground, quick cooking, or instant varieties that all have different textures. Stone ground ones are best for most recipes since they add more flavor and texture than regular rolled oats.

Surprisingly enough, it’s possible to make grits in a rice cooker – just ensure you use the correct amount of liquid and give it plenty of time to cook. It may take longer than stovetop but the result will be worth it!

All in all, with some careful planning and experimentation, your next batch of grits will be sure to please everyone at the table.


Spices are an essential part of adding flavor and texture to any dish. They can take a regular bowl of grits from bland to delicious with the right combination!

Some of my favorite spice blends for seasoning up a plate of grits include garlic, onion powder, paprika, and cumin. I also like to experiment by combining different herbs together to create unique seasoning combinations. It’s fun trying out new flavors until you find one that really works for your taste buds!

When it comes down to it, the best way to know what spices will work is through trial and error – but if done correctly, it’ll be well worth the effort in the end.

Toppings And Serving Suggestions

I’m sure you’re wondering what delicious toppings and serving suggestions go well with grits cooked in a rice cooker.

Well, the possibilities are limitless! Savory pairings such as bacon, sausage, ham or cheese make an excellent addition to your meal. And if you’d prefer something sweeter, try adding honey butter, cinnamon sugar or syrup – all of which complement the flavor of grits perfectly.

You can also top off your dish with some fresh fruit like apples or blueberries for added sweetness and texture. So whatever flavors you crave, there’s bound to be a topping that will satisfy your taste buds when it comes to making grits in a rice cooker!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Grits Should I Use?

When it comes to making grits, the type of grits you use will determine how they turn out.

If you’re looking for a classic Southern flavor, try stone-ground white or yellow cornmeal.

For something more flavorful and robust, opt for quick-cooking grits made with hominy.

Both can be cooked in a rice cooker using similar cooking techniques, so choose whichever one suits your taste preference best!

With either option, there are plenty of flavor variations that can be added to take your dish up a notch – from cheese and herbs to veggies or bacon!

Is It Possible To Make Grits Without A Rice Cooker?

Yes, it is possible to make grits without a rice cooker.

If you don’t have one, you can cook them on the stovetop or even prepare them in your microwave.

The process for stovetop cooking involves boiling water and then slowly stirring in the grits until they become creamy.

For microwaving, combine equal parts of grits and liquid (water, stock, etc.) in a bowl and heat for about 2 minutes at a time while stirring between each interval.

Whichever method you choose, both will result in delicious homemade grits!

How Long Should I Cook The Grits For?

When cooking grits, the amount of time it takes to make them will depend on how you’re preparing them.

If you’re grinding your own corn and making a traditional Southern style grits recipe, then the process can take some time since you’ll have to grind the corn and then boil it with water for about an hour.

However, if you’re using pre-ground grits or making quick grits in a rice cooker by adding water, then they should be done in 10–15 minutes.

What Are Some Alternative Toppings For My Grits?

When it comes to topping your grits, you have a lot of options.

To keep things simple, start with savory sauces like pesto or salsa — they’ll add flavor and texture in no time!

If you’re looking for something more creative, try adding herb seasonings such as chives or basil; these will give your dish an extra kick that’s sure to please your taste buds.

With just a few minutes of preparation, you can enjoy a delicious meal that’s full of flavor.

Is There A Difference Between Instant And Regular Grits?

Yes, there is a difference between instant and regular grits.

Regular grits take longer to cook than their instant counterparts as they are made with whole grain hominy that has been ground down more coarsely. This results in a nuttier flavor and texture than the smoother, milder-tasting instant version.

When it comes to cooking methods, both can be boiled or simmered on the stovetop or even cooked in a microwave for convenience.

For extra flavor variations, try stirring in some butter, cheese, milk, herbs, spices and other ingredients prior to serving!


Yes, you can absolutely make grits in a rice cooker!

All it takes is the right type of grits and the correct cooking time.

Instant or quick-cooking grits are best for making them in a rice cooker as they require less water than regular grits.

To get even better results, try adding some butter or cheese to your cooked grits before serving – yum!

Making grits in a rice cooker is also really easy once you know how.

With just a few simple steps and some ingredients, you’ll have delicious homemade grits ready to enjoy in no time at all.

So why not give it a try today?

You won’t regret it!

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