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Can We Boil Eggs In Electric Rice Cooker


Boiling eggs in an electric rice cooker is a convenient way to prepare breakfast quickly. It’s also great when you need hard boiled eggs for recipes or meal prepping.

I’m here to answer the question ‘Can we boil eggs in an electric rice cooker?’ The short answer is yes!

Electric rice cookers are designed to handle multiple cooking tasks, such as boiling and steaming foods like vegetables, fish and of course, eggs.

In this article, I’ll explain how to use your electric rice cooker to make perfect hard boiled eggs every time.

What You Need To Boil Eggs In A Rice Cooker

I’m sure that many of us have used a rice cooker to make the perfect batch of fluffy grains, but did you know that you can also use it for other dishes?

Yes – I’m talking about boiling eggs in your electric rice cooker! Not only is this an easy way to quickly get breakfast on the table, but it’s also much more low maintenance than traditional boiling methods.

Before getting started with using your rice cooker to boil eggs, there are some things that you need to consider.

The first and most important thing is what type of egg you’re going to be cooking. Soft-boiled eggs will take around 5 minutes while hard-boiled eggs may require up to 15 minutes or longer depending on how cooked they are.

You’ll want to adjust your cooking times accordingly based on which kind of egg you’re making.

When boiling eggs in a rice cooker, it’s best practice to add enough water so that the egg is completely submerged.

Additionally, if too much steam builds up inside the pot during boiling then feel free to crack open the lid just slightly (while taking caution) as this should help reduce pressure build-up and prevent your delicious meal from being ruined by exploding shells!

Preparing The Eggs For Boiling

Boiling eggs in an electric rice cooker is a great way to save time and energy. It’s also much easier than boiling them on the stovetop, especially if you have multiple egg sizes that need to be cooked at once.

Preparing your eggs for boiling in a rice cooker starts with selecting the right size of egg for the amount of water you’ll use. Depending on how many eggs you’re going to cook, adjust the water level accordingly. The general rule is one cup of water for every four small or medium-sized eggs, and two cups per six large or extra-large sized eggs.

Once all your ingredients are ready, carefully place each egg into the inner pot of your electric rice cooker, making sure they don’t overlap each other or touch the sides too closely. Finally, close up the lid securely and start cooking!

Cooking The Eggs

I have always been intrigued by the idea of boiling eggs in an electric rice cooker. After doing some research and consulting with professionals, I’m confident that it can be done!

Storing eggs properly is key when attempting to boil them in a rice cooker. Make sure you take any eggs out that may not be fresh enough for consumption, as this could lead to unwanted bacteria growth during cooking.

When it comes to timing methods, there are many options available depending on your desired outcome. You will need to adjust the temperature and cooking time accordingly if you want soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs. Soft-boiled eggs usually require around 7 minutes at high heat whereas hard boiled will need about 12 minutes at medium-high heat. As a general rule of thumb, make sure to check the egg’s progress every few minutes until they reach the level of doneness you prefer.

The benefits of using an electric rice cooker over stovetop methods are endless – no risk of cracking open shells due to rapid water temperature changes, less mess cleanup afterwards, and above all else convenience! With just one appliance, you’ll get perfectly cooked boiled eggs each time without having to worry about monitoring temperatures or stirring constantly as you would on the stovetop.

Cooling And Peeling The Eggs

Once the eggs are done boiling in the electric rice cooker, it’s time to cool them off and peel them. Depending on how large your egg size is, boiling time may vary. For small-sized eggs, about 8 minutes should be enough for a soft boiled egg; for medium-sized eggs 10 minutes; and for large-sized eggs 12 minutes. It’s best to set a timer so you don’t overcook the eggs.

When taking out the cooked eggs from the cooker, transfer them into an ice bath or cold water immediately. This will stop them from cooking further and prevent any rubbery texture that can occur when they sit at a high temperature too long.

Letting them soak until cooled down completely also makes peeling easier as this helps loosen up their shells away from the white membrane underneath.

Once peeled, enjoy your freshly made boiled eggs! They make great snacks or additions to salads or sandwiches.

Boiled eggs can keep in the fridge for up to 5 days if stored properly in an airtight container – however they taste best when eaten fresh!

Tips For Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s possible to boil eggs in an electric rice cooker. The answer is yes! Boiling eggs in a rice cooker can be really easy and convenient, as long as you follow some simple tips for the perfect hard boiled egg.

First of all, make sure that your water-to-egg ratio is correct. Fill the pot with enough cold water so that the eggs are fully submerged but not crowded – about one cup per two large eggs should do the trick.

Then turn on your rice cooker and wait until it boils. Once boiling, set your timer according to how soft or hard you want your egg yolks to be – anywhere between 7 minutes for very soft to 10 minutes for well done will do the job nicely.

When your timer goes off, take out the eggs carefully and put them into a bowl filled with ice water right away to stop cooking process. Let them cool down before peeling and enjoy!

As you can see, boiling eggs in an electric rice cooker can be a great way to simplify breakfast prep time without compromising taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Boil Eggs In A Rice Cooker?

Cooking eggs in a rice cooker is an easy and convenient way to prepare them.

Depending on the size of the eggs, it usually takes about 10-20 minutes for small or medium sized eggs to cook properly.

For larger eggs, you might need up to 30 minutes of cooking time.

It’s important to keep an eye on your egg while they are boiling so that you can adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Do I Need To Add Water When Boiling Eggs In A Rice Cooker?

Yes, you do need to add water when boiling eggs in a rice cooker.

The amount of water and the boiling time depends on the size of your egg: small eggs will take around 4 minutes, while large eggs can take up to 7 or 8 minutes.

Adding too much water won’t affect the cooking process significantly, but adding too little may result in an unevenly cooked egg.

Can I Use An Electric Rice Cooker To Make Soft Boiled Eggs?

Yes, you can use an electric rice cooker to make soft boiled eggs!

The boiling time and softness level of your egg will depend on the amount of water used in the cooking process.

Generally speaking, adding more water will require a longer boiling time but produce a softer-boiled egg.

You should experiment with different amounts of water to find what works best for you.

Is It Necessary To Use A Steamer Basket When Boiling Eggs In A Rice Cooker?

Yes, it is necessary to use a steamer basket when boiling eggs in an electric rice cooker.

A steamer basket will help keep the eggs separate and prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pot as they cook.

This also makes egg peeling much easier after you’re done cooking.

Hard boiled eggs cooked this way can be perfectly cooked every time with minimal effort – no need for constant checking or stirring!

What Is The Best Way To Store Boiled Eggs After Cooking In A Rice Cooker?

Storing boiled eggs after cooking in a rice cooker is simple. The most important thing to remember for egg safety is that the eggs should be stored and consumed promptly.

Hard-boiled eggs can last up to 7 days when refrigerated, so it’s best to store them as soon as possible after cooking.

To do this, simply place your cooked eggs into an airtight container with a lid or wrap each individual egg tightly in plastic wrap. This will help keep the eggs fresh and safe for eating!


Yes, you can boil eggs in an electric rice cooker!

While it may take some trial and error to get the perfect boiled egg, with a bit of practice you’ll be able to master this simple technique.

All you need is a steamer basket or tray insert and your trusty electric rice cooker.

Make sure to add enough water so that the eggs are submerged when cooking, and then adjust the time depending on whether you want soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs.

Finally, make sure to store your cooked eggs correctly for optimal safety and freshness.

With these tips in mind, boiling eggs in a rice cooker will become second nature!

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